Stressbuster: The Power of Self-Talk

Never underestimate the power of the way you speak to yourself!

Be thoughtful and conscientious about what you say to yourself, out loud and in your mind.  Our sub-conscious builds our self-image through our own self-talk.  Others may say what they will, but we are responsible for what we take in, for what we allow to get filtered through.  Do you accept compliments?  Do you shun them?  Do you accept criticism? Do you shun it?

Remember, you’re sub-conscious is listening, so be intentional about what you feed it.   Have a habit of saying mean things to yourself?  Notice when you do it, notice what you say.  It may feel like second nature to you (because you’ve been doing it so long) but never think that calling yourself stupid or a failure…doesn’t sink in, IT DOES.

One huge step in learning to love ourselves is nurturing ourselves through appropriate, positive and helpful self-talk.