The Distraction of Technology vs. Real Human Interaction

In our modern day, electronic world, we are surrounded and buffeted by an unbelievable number of distractions.  Cell phones, video games, television, the internet, DVDs, etc.   Some of the interactions we have with these 2 dimensional devices are indeed people we know on the other end.  However, many times, there is NO alive human on the other end of our distraction.  It’s completely fabricated.

How often do we see this?

Currently, there are scientists and psychologists studying the possible ramifications of lives lived primarily connected within the second dimension, separate from human

Who are they texting?

interaction. But you and I don’t have to wait for their conclusions to see the consequences all around us.  Many people are spending more of their lives away from other humans.

A common sight

The challenge of living a life heavily in the 2nd dimension is that our brains become habituated to it.  Our brains, become habituated to ANYTHING  we repeatedly do. And,  have you noticed what 2 dimensional devices usually offer? Fantasy, violence, fabricated community and often stress and anxiety.

Yes, technology has leap-frogged our experience of human life.  Yes, technology saves lives.  Yes, technology extends education to those who may otherwise never have had access but are we aware of what it is doing to us? All the technology that is meant to save time, often creates more stress.  Our lives seem busier than ever.  The entertainment that exists often takes us away from what is right in front of us, our friends and families.

You know it’s true, you’ve seen the family dinner table where everyone has their cell phone sitting next to their fork. Friends meeting at a restaurant and being constantly distracted by text messages?  Spouses losing their marriages and often their jobs due to video game or pornography addition? All because we’re habituated, addicted to our love affairs with technology and all its distractions.

When we’re all at the end of our lives, what will we remember? Text messages? Email exchanges? Video game successes? Probably not.  Most likely, if we’re lucky, it will be the gentle, and not so gentle, messy human interactions that will stay in our memory. It is the energetic human exchange that leaves lasting impressions in our minds and hearts.  Will you remember or remotely care what happened while playing Farmville for hours on Facebook?

Technology may be helpful, but we all must be conscientious of how much time and energy we give to it and in turn take away from the humans in our lives.

Family Dinner (notice - No cell phones)

Nothing replaces Sunday night family dinners, game night with friends with real games, hugs from a loved one, smiles from a friend or long conversations under the moon.

Set the example for your children by slowing down to the speed of life and just being with each other, telling stories, playing games, learning from one another. Let your children experience the wonderful play that only being with other REAL children can give them.  Have a “NO technology hour or evening” in your home. They are only with you a relatively short time, make the moments count!

Human Interaction is Integral to human growth.

Next time you have the option to be with 3 dimensional people, take it! Turn your cell phone on silence, opt for the party with friends instead of the video game alone, make plans to hear live music, dance, be, create and feel the amazing energy that only exists in the company of humans!

Get out there and be a part of the human tapestry!