The Magic Combination of Breath + Attention

Sometimes it just takes a second to calm our mind AND body in order to reset ourselves.  You often hear people say; “Breathe”.  Yet, to get the full effects of this suggestion…it is best to focus the mind AND body, simultaneously.

Next time you need a reset, try this:

Take a moment to be still, breath and focus.

Just stop where you are, sit down or hold on to something while standing.  Close your eyes and as you inhale a large breath in through your nose, set your entire attention/focus on the air coming into your body.  Imagine your lungs filling with the clean, life-giving air, cleansing and refreshing your lungs, heart and cells.

Then exhale out through your mouth and imagine co-mingling the exhaling breath with all the toxins and negative thoughts and emotions that are floating around in your body.

While doing this, focus solely on your breath.  Don’t let all the other thoughts distract you.  Just for a couple of minutes focus your entire attention on the breath coming in (and all its goodness) and the breath going out (removing the impurities and toxins from your system).

Remember to take breaths that feel comfortable to YOU. If you’re not used to deep breaths, you might get a little light headed at first.  Your body LOVES deep breaths and by expanding your lungs everyday, you’re giving your whole body more oxygen and it will be much happier, but start slowly…the body always needs time to adjust.