Messages From Your Environment

The state of that which surrounds us…is within us…

Does your work area look or feel like this?

Look around you, really look around.  Is your environment organized?  Are you wearing your favorite clothes or your power clothes?  Are they clean?  Are you feeling physically and emotionally fit and in charge of your life?  If not, look at that which surrounds you as clues to what’s going on inside you.  If you’re not happy with your enviroment, which includes your body, something inside is unhappy as well.

Look at your environment...

When we are rolling along, moving our life in the direction toward what we want, we are more organized, cleaner in our space, more at ease and more balanced.  That which is within our control including our bodies, our homes, our cars, our workspaces and even our relationships all reflect that which is inside us….healthy or not.

Consider the reverse too

It has also been argued that not only does the outside reflect the inside but vice versa. In other words, an unorganized environment may feed negative emotions  within. Which comes first is different for everyone.  But it’s good to keep tabs on things in your life beginning to slide because they may be signs of increasing stress, depression, anxiety or hopelessness.

A little cleaning often makes everything look better!

So if you’re wondering why you’re in a blue funk, or why your house is a mess…make sure to check both your insides and your outsides.  Do what you can…before it gets out of hand.

Straighten up the mess on the outside (because you can manually do this and it’s a visual change).


Then sit down and journal about what your current feelings are. Without being harsh on yourself, just ask…”how have I been feeling lately?”

What would feel better to me?

Journaling is amazingly cathartic.

What could I shift or change in my life that would make things feel better?

Then make a commitment to yourself to do that thing…whatever will be a step in a better direction. You don’t have to commit to it forever, just for today and then recommit tomorrow.

Joy and depression are on two ends of the emotional continuum.  Understand where you are, acknowledge it, honor it and then make concerted efforts to do things that move your toward feeling better, toward empowerment and joy.  It always begins, progresses and ends with you…no one else!