Three Magic Words: “I love myself”

Try it! Say: "I love myself"

Can you say:  “I love myself”?   Try it – “I love myself”   If this is hard to say, that’s okay. If you feel silly, that’s okay.  If you don’t think it’s important, think twice.

Learning to love yourself is quite possibly the most powerful thing you will ever do in your life.  No matter where you believe that you come from…or what sustains you, learning to love your soul, your body and your mind, WILL enhance your life experience and reduce stress.

You will never know another human being as well as you know yourself.  You will never understand another human being as well as you could understand yourself.  And when we know, understand and love ourselves, we are more able to know, understand and love others. It’s that simple and there is a sense of peace that comes with this feeling.

I once asked a woman I worked with…who was often stressed and put everyone’s needs before her own… if she loved herself.  Actually, I asked her if she could say “I love myself” and her response was “No Way”.  She said that she could say that she liked herself. She could say that because she was good to other people, she thought herself a good person, but she could NOT say that she loved herself, “NO WAY.”

So, for about a month, a couple of times a week, I would ask her…if she could say it yet? She knew that I would come and ask this question…so she was prepared for it.  Some days, she could say she liked herself and other days, when she was beating herself up…she’d say…”No, it’s a bad day, I can’t say it today”. But I could see that it was brewing in her. I told her that it would come…it might take some time, but it would come.

Then one day…when I went to ask…she was all excited and rosy-cheeked and she said, “Guess what?  I SAID IT!  I was coming to work and was unlocking the door, and it just POPPED OUT: I LOVE MYSELF!”  I asked her how she felt and she said, “Wonderful, really good and NEW”!

I have heard people say that it’s selfish to love ourselves, but I COMPLETELY disagree.  Self acceptance and self love are the beginning to finding a semblance of inner peace.  Awakening from the stress cycle fully must always include an increase in inner peace. And for those who believe in God, I always must ask; “How can you not love what God has created…ie. YOU?”

Try saying “I love myself” right now.

If you can’t, be gentle with yourself and be patient. Try it everyday.  Make a list of all the good good things about yourself.  If you stumble onto things you don’t like, forgive yourself and work toward loving yourself ANYWAY. Accept the things about yourself that you may not like.

Release yourself from self-hatred.  There is NO reason for it other than to just make you feel bad.  Throw it out completely.  Make peace with where you are and if you don’t like something that you are presently doing; accept it and work toward becoming the person you want to be.  Remember, things of the past are done, you generally cannot undo them and the future is yet to come and all we really have is the present. So, BE Present and love yourself now!