Listening to Yourself

Tap into your inner self when making decisions.

In the Western world, we are not taught to listen to ourselves.

Learning to tap into and hear our “still small voice”, our “inner self”, our soul…can sometimes be challenging when our minds won’t be quiet.

In the beginning, it takes some effort to hear. But it IS there. It’s a part of you that is different from your brain, separate from your heart and certainly removed from your ego.  It is a knowing place inside.  Once you begin to listen for it and actually HONOR what it’s saying…it will get louder and clearer.  Then, watch out…you’ll start to recognize all those things your body has been trying to tell you…are actually messages.

It’s as though in the absense of listening to our inner self, the inner self starts “vomiting” all over the body, from the inside out.  I know that sounds strange…but I think in some way, that’s what happens.  Here’s some interesting science: every time we deny what we want, stay in a stressful situation when we should leave, suppress our emotions or put up with something horrible, our inner self sends us messages in the form of thoughts and emotions.  We don’t listen, we suppress, and the thoughts and emotions flood our body with stress chemicals. Every time we don’t follow our own guidance, we collect more unused stress chemicals and suppressed emotions and desires. Unreleased emotions and unused chemicals can get stored in our bodies and create serious problems.

In our modern world, running away or fighting (which are normal responses to stress) are not always the most prudent courses. Can you imagine in a work meeting…feeling stress and then just deciding to follow your natural instinct and run away. You stand up, look at your boss and say “See ya”, and sprint out the door. Wouldn’t that feel great?  But that wouldn’t go over so well, would it? How often do you feel this way? Once a week? Once a day? Just think of all the unused fight/flight chemicals now depositied someplace in your body.

“To thine own self be true” – Shakespeare

How are YOU not listening to yourself?  What can you do today to start honoring your inner self?

Life Coach, Austin, TX

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