Create A POWERFUL personal plan!

Where do you want to go?

If you’re in business or know anything about business, you’ve undoubtedly heard about business plans or strategic plans, right? No self-respecting business would operate without one, right? Right! So why do we?

“I’m not a business!” you say? Well, humans are very much like businesses. We have needs for growth, we have needs for finances to be in the black and not the red and we have lots of working parts. The health of our body is like the health of a company, neglected for too long and problems arise. Businesses require nourishment and so do we. Businesses require change ever so often and so do we. The similarities are endless. So why not have a Personal Strategy Plan or Personal Development Plan for the Business of YOUR LIFE? After all, how will you know you’ve arrived if you haven’t chosen a destination?

What is a Personal Development or Strategy Plan and why do I want one?

A PDP is a road map for success. It’s a way to organize where you’re going in life and how you plan to spend your energy. It helps not waste time and resources on things that will not get you to your desired outcome. Ever noticed that the days you make and follow a list are some of the most powerful and productive? Having a dynamic and flexible plan helps you create your life ON PURPOSE starting the minute you ask the first question.

Is a Personal Development/Strategy Plan for me?

Does it pique your interest? Do you like the idea of having more focus? Do you want to know where your career is going? Since not everyone wants to plan their direction or their life trajectory, PDPs are not for everyone. For some temperaments, they are a given. For others, it’s a necessity and for others it may be a struggle. But, no matter a person’s temperament, going through the creating process is absolutely illumining.

What if I really like just going with the flow?

A Personal Plan can include very specific directions or it can give broad ones. It’s up to you! It can be very formal or very fuzzy, linear or more holistic. A personal plan needs to feel good to the person who creates it, like a trusted friend, not strict or binding. If the plan starts to feel binding or off course, it’s time to make a course correction. Even people who like to go with the flow of life can benefit from a personal plan!

So, how do I create one?

There are lots of resources! You can work with a Personal Coach, you can buy a book or workbook on the topic (check Amazon). You can also look online. There are tons of sources.

Knowing your priorities is a great place to start! First, decide what period your plan should cover. The next 6 months? The next 6 years? Make a list of 7-10 of your highest priorities over that period. Then do a bit of what Steven Covey suggests: “Start with the end in mind“. Meaning…visualize what success in those areas looks likes.  Get specific.

Direction, Focus and a Plan create Results!

Then look at the ten Life Areas below and brainstorm the optimal states or experiences you want in each area.

1. Health

2. Relationships-Romantic and Friendship

3. Career/Activity

4. Family

5. Fun/Hobbies/Learning new things

6. Home/Environment

7. Sexuality

8. Self Esteem

9. Abundance/Finances

10. Spirituality/Personal development/Self Nourishment

Don’t hold back…what do you really want? What do you want to create? After you’ve listed those, reconcile them with your 7-10 priorities. Then work backward. “If the things I want were true, what would have had to happen?” Keep working until you understand the steps between where you are and where you want to be. Once you understand the steps, you can create a plan going forward! It’s that simple!

If you’d like assistance in creating a dynamic and exciting Personal Development plan, email me today at

Shine your light y’all!


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