Make Special Occasions EVEN more Special!

Ways to make special occasions even more special:

Set your Intention with Love.

1. Start with your intention.  At every new turn and twist in life we have the opportunity to set a new intention.  If your default intention is to worry that you won’t get everything done or that the situation will be hectic, chances are…that is what you will experience.  However, if you take a moment to create in your mind what you want the experience to be for you…as vividly as you can, (and then let go) you will then watch things line up perfectly, the best things happen and your happiness is sustained throughout the experience. Intention is incredibly powerful in all aspects of life but especially around times and events we designate as “special”. Set your intentions first!

2. Infuse everything with Gratitude. When we choose to have gratitude

Infuse all you do with Gratitude!

for all aspects of an event, the planning, shopping, dressing, attending, etc. it changes our internal and external experience.  Having the abundance and friends in your life that have made this experience happen is a huge blessing. When we forget to be thankful, we begin looking for everything that is wrong. Remember, we always find what we’re looking for, so look for all the wondrous things happening around you and literally count your blessings!

Forgiveness Helps Love Flow!

3. Let love flow. The holidays are all about giving, family and being together. They are also about LOVE. Letting love flow is about extending that smile a little farther, expanding good will or forgiving old transgressions. Whatever impediments you have to letting love flow through you, from you and toward you, can be removed at any time! And what better time? Special times of the year are great opportunities to release negativity and embrace the love that is naturally flowing through you. How to stop blocking it and let it flow? Make a list of those people or situations you’re still harboring anger toward.  List why you are still holding your anger. Open yourself to the possibility that the only one still being hurt is you. When you are ready, ask your higher self and the Divine to help you forgive the transgressions and the people on your list. When we let go of old pain and hurts, we free ourselves and love begins to flow through us more easily. Anger, disappointment, fear and sadness are all blocks to love.  Release yourself and everyone else!

4. Be present in the present. At any moment you are thinking of the past

The present is the only real time and place. Now, here.

or fantasizing about the future, you are not enjoying the present moment. There are entire cultures that have no language for the future, they only live now. For those of us who spend our time in never never land, the present moment can seem foreign.  The sad truth is that if we are not living in the now, we are not really living. For the now is the only place anything actually happens. It’s where all life IS. It is where all energy IS. It is where all emotions occur and all experiences are experienced. Bringing our mind into concert with the rest of our selves is a wonderful way to breath life into our lives, it’s showing up for ourselves and everyone in our lives in the most wonderful way. Our absolute presence and attention is one of the greatest gifts we can share.  How to do this? Recognize when your mind is someplace else and bring it back to now. Notice the sights and sounds of everything around you, feel it, take it in, dive into it. It is the only real experience we have access to and it’s always here, waiting for you.

Get to know your inner child and let him/her SHINE!

5. Let your inner child come out and play! When was the last time you had the giggles? When was the last time you marveled over a rainbow and were really in awe of something? Sure, as adults, we’ve seen it all…well most of it, but that doesn’t mean we can’t see it again with the eyes of a child.  Because although something is not “new” it is the first time to experience it in THIS moment. I’ve seen fireworks dozens of times but I always let myself love it. I never let myself tire of it. Keeping that child part alive and happy is what keeps our souls young! When we become desensitized to things we used to love, when we turn away from giggles and surprises and the everyday fun things, we shut ourselves off from so much joy.  Sure, we can live it all again through our children’s eyes…but why not live it all again through our own? How to do this? Recognize when you’re being cynical or sarcastic about things you or others love or used to love and think back to when you were a child. Go back to when the world was new and act as if! Act as if you’re 6 again or 18, when it was all new. If YOU choose, it can all be new again, as each moment of our lives IS new, every second, every moment. It’s only us that turns a blind eye. So open them up dear friends, open them up!

Happy Holidays!

Much love,



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