Recent Golden Nuggets by Coach Hope

Holding on to pain

Most of the pain in the world is not from what happens to us…but what we think about what happens to us and how long we hold onto the pain of our belief. – July 13, 2012

Shining Your Light

One of the fastest ways to increase your ability to shine your light is to clear the clutter that blocks your soul from shining fully! Look at what you still carry from the past; anger, disappointment, judgement, etc. and work to forgive and release. All that icky stuff acts like a handkerchief over your light bulb! July 13, 2012

The hold of the past

Time and experience are constantly unfolding under our feet, all around us like a conveyor belt. Every time we get stuck on an event that has occurred and is now past, we are not attentive to the unfold-ment that is the present. Let the past be the past and leave it on the conveyor belt as soon as you can drop it. This moment is new and new again and new again. Work to release cynicism of “knowing” what the future will hold. Become like a child again.     -July 10, 2012

On longing

Longing is a wish for what we do not have. Longing is a habit of running away from what is. Longing is living in a dream. – July 9, 2012

Gifts we all have

The light of our life; our consciousness, is our greatest gift. – July 6, 2012

Who is in your circle?

Are the majority of the people in your life positive or negative? Remember- we are highly, HIGHLY influenced by the thinking and attitudes of those in our sphere. When choosing new relationships ask yourself: will this person inspire me and will I inspire them? – July 5, 2012

Our human experience

Some days you think you have it…you’ve figured it out. Some days you think you’ve lost it. Some days feel like marshmellow. It’s all part of the human experience. It’s okay…you’re right where you’re supposed to be, right on time! Take a breath and be gentle with yourself! Everything goes up and down…hold on tight, it’s a great ride! –  June 28, 2012

Don’t wait for ‘perfect’

The mundane details of life will distract you forever. If you’ve been putting something off that you really want…start planning TODAY! Don’t wait for the day everything is perfect and ready. That day…in the future…does not exist. -June 26, 2012


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