The Importance of Your Self Talk

What do you say to yourself?

Self talk is one of the most impactful things we do all day. Are you aware
of what you’re saying to yourself? Is it good? Is is bad? Remember: it shapes your reality and the filter you see the world through. Start paying attention to what you say to yourself!

Since it takes EIGHT positive comments to overcome one negative one, internal OR external, affirmations are great tools to overcome and overwhelm the negative. You might think they are goofy but they are one of the QUICKEST ways to change your brain’s default self talk program. Need a personalized affirmation? Email me and I’ll help you create a powerful one!

Quote from the ‘Affirmations for Radical Success‘ Website :

“The subconscious mind is an odd entity. It is odd for the simple reason that it will accept anything we tell it as true. It is powerful because once it has accepted a statement as true it will put it’s formidable powers to work to make sure that our reality lines up with that ‘truth’.”

So…since we get to choose what our head says back to us….what would you like yours to say?


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