A Golden Short Story – The Flow of Life


Calm and peaceful

So you’re floating along, in your personal boat, in the river of your life. You’re going with the flow… calm and peaceful. Then, all of the sudden, you see a brightly colored box on the edge of the river. You’re curious, so you paddle over to the edge of the river, get out of your boat and tie it to a rock. You go over to the box and examine it. It’s quite interesting looking and you really want to see what is inside. You take the top off and out pours all sorts of problems and contentious people saying crazy things. They are pointing at you and saying unnecessary things and doing the same to each other. You easily get pulled in to the mean things they are saying to you. You defend yourself and try to stand up for others. You spend the next couple of days there, on the side of the river of your life…mucking around with all the ego and personality and pain of what came out of the box. Finally, on the morning of the third day, you’ve had enough.

You think about throwing the box into the river or burning it. You’re wondering if the way to make them all shut up is to tell them to go back in the box. Would they even listen? Late that afternoon, you wonder…what if I just got back into my boat? What if I just left them here? Would they follow me? Would they even notice? Why did I stop in the first place? This is a drag. So that night, when things have simmered down, you quietly get in your boat, hoping to leave undetected. You untie your boat and all of the sudden you’re back into the gentle flow of the river of your life. Over the next couple of days you see box after box on the shores of your river. You NOW know that those boxes are DRAMA. That’s all they are and sometimes it’s interesting to stop and get involved but most of the time, it’s just a distraction from the flow of your life. You know now that you cannot experience both at the same time: drama and flow. Which do you choose?

Life Coach, Austin, TX

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