Coaching Journeys: Loving Your Authentic Self

Who are you? Who are YOU REALLY, aside from the roles you play and labels you identify with? Who are you at your core? cropped-MH900441048.jpg

The answer to this question is the beginning of coming into your AUTHENTIC SELF and falling in love with yourself at your core.

Through this Coaching Journey, we will work on the following modules:

  1. Know thyself
  2. Accept thyself
  3. Honor thyself
  4. Nourish thyself
  5. Grow thyself

What will these include?

  • Where you’ve been
  • Where you are
  • Where you want to go or what you want to be
  • Your values
  • Your Happiness Equation
  • Your blocks
  • Your heart’s desire
  • Your true vocation and more

Connecting deeply with the being that you are at your center is the most amazing journey. It has ups and downs, but the ups keep getting higher and higher. Can you imagine no longer living the life that has been prescribed for you but actually creating your life from your OWN TRUE DESIRES?

This coaching journey runs approximately 12 weeks and at the end, you WILL be in greater touch with your AUTHENTIC SELF and you will have the tools to move into whatever you desire to create with your life!

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For more information; schedule your complimentary phone consult now by emailing me, Coach Hope at or fill out the contact form on the CONTACT page.

Whether you work with me as a coach or go another route, I honor where you are in your life and I invite you to pay attention to the part of you that desires to be seen, known and loved. It IS YOU and YOU are courageous and beautiful. To your journey,

Coach Hope

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