The Gift of a Life in Transition

Everyone, everywhere goes through times of transition. Without understanding all the possibilities that exist during this time, it can feel like a scary, lonely place with no stable footing. And though it may seem frightening, it is also a time of great empowerment and dynamism.

Change opens doors

Transitions mark shifts in the pattern of one’s life. And…the most exciting part is that this is the time when we are most open to creating something new for ourselves. Whether your transition is self created or has seemingly happened to you, this time in your life is WIDE OPEN! You are no longer living by the same old rules or stories. You are no longer tied to the same beliefs. You are no longer playing the same roles you were, etc.

Survival and Stability

Many people consider this stressful. The reason for this is that most human beings like stability. He/she likes “knowing” what is happening, what is going to happen and how he/she fits into the world. At the very core of this need is the attachment to survival (first and foremost) and then having the knowledge that the survival elements will be maintained.  Any change in life that affects our sense of survival stability will feel disturbing to most people.

However, not all transitions are a threat to “food and shelter”. I’ve attached “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” below for reference.  One can go through a transition, turning point, awakening, shifting, etc. in ANY of the levels (see below). What often occurs is that multiple transitions are happening simultaneously or consecutively.  And so it is…that people can get overwhelmed.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Questions that often come up during transition: “Who am I now?”, “What will I do?” “If  that didn’t work, what shall I do now?”, “Who will I be without _____?”etc.



Times of transition are the most fertile ground for great change. In fact, that’s exactly what they are; open windows that lead to growth and expanded awareness.  When I say great change, I mean change created by YOU! When you float in the place of “I don’t knows”…you give yourself the freedom to imagine a NEW LIFE, a NEW WAY OF BEING, NEW BEHAVIORS, NEW ACTIVITIES and NEW WAYS OF THINKING.  Very exciting stuff!

On the contrary, when everything is going smoothly in life, one’s interest and openness to change can be low…because there is less impetus as the subconscious would prefer to stay in stasis.

Whether transition is thrust upon us or wells up from within us…it is always a portal to personal growth. The sooner we see this and embrace this, the sooner our stress levels will decrease.

So…what do you do next?

Consider that this is a wonderful time to:

  • get clear about what you really want in life
  • get your priorities in order
  • Re-assess any limiting beliefs you may be holding
  • delve into finding your purpose and/or passion
  • etc.

In other words…ask the BIG questions! Once you have answered these questions and others like it…deciding what to do next gets considerably easier. 

Since transitions will have you asking those questions naturally, why not dive right into them? Your life is ripe, right now for creating anew.  This is LIFE CATALYST stuff! You can recreate your life just as it was, open up to building something completely new…or create something in between. It is completely up to you!

Start by shifting your thinking from “This is scary” to “This is exciting” and go from there! You’re at a wonderful juncture and ANYTHING is POSSIBLE! Enjoy the ride and welcome to your shift!

Additional note:

Times of transition are some of the best times to work with a  mentor, therapist or personal coach. Making a successful transition to the next part of your life is much easier with a strong support system. As opposed to relying solely friends, family or a spouse, working with a professional will insure that YOUR Life Agenda is the main event!


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