Life Clarity – Three Month Coaching Program

Are you ready to

  • Move from confusion to clarity
  • Break through decades-old repeating patterns
  • Improve your self-esteem, self-care, self-trust and self-love
  • Identify and start living your unique Happiness Equation

Most people are simply not taught how to make a happy life. They are often taught how to survive and for some, just barely. Our parents and caretakers did the best that they could to pass down what they knew. Yet, sometimes what they knew was outdated, incorrect, limiting, etc. They did the best with what they knew at the time, but NOW, with the huge strides in the Personal Development industry, we know that EVERY individual can THRIVE given the right tools, encouragement, and knowledge. Thriving begins with PERSONAL CLARITY.

By asking the right questions, encouraging and supporting  you through your own deep self-inquiry and by helping you learn how to manage your inner critics, you will awaken the powerhouse within.   Through working with hundreds of clients, I have formulated a coaching process that creates vibrant life clarity, gets you in touch with your happiness equation and life mission and moves you square into the driver’s seat of your life. You will never look back.

The 3-Month Life Clarity program includes:

  • Weekly Personal Coaching sessions (either by phone, in-person or a hybrid)
  • Daily inspirational keys via email to keep you on track
  • Email support for questions and shares
  • Texting support
  • Homework to assist you in living your learnings
  • Reading recommendations (when desired)
  • Learning and growth at your own pace

Program fee begins at $1500 for 12 phone sessions. Other options available.

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Monthly packages also available, starting at $600. Email for details.

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