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If you’ve landed on this page, you’re either in the midst of your awakening, on the verge or already deep in. Welcome to your shift!  There are many different names for this phenomena which I will generally refer to as a “Spiritual Awakening” or simply “Awakening”.

Know this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Your shift in perception, consciousness or ego is an extraordinary gift! Everyone’s experience is a bit different but from the big picture, they are all very much alike.

When it happened to me, I couldn’t read enough about the world I was suddenly aware of; the world of meditation, enlightenment, consciousness, awareness and the like. The old relationships I had had, no longer felt as secure or meaningful and many things I used to do…just no longer held the same appeal.  It felt like I was the same person but had moved to a new place (though I hadn’t) and everything was familiar but it all had new or different meaning. And everything sort of looked different. My perspective had changed in a big way and has never gone back.

Knowledge is Key

A spiritual awakening can really shake things up…yet when we understand what is happening as it is happening and we utilize the tools of learning, understanding, self discovery and all the help that is available and that we feel called to, the journey is far less confusing or frightening.

Assistance along the path

When I was on the verge of my Awakening, I worked with a Life Coach. I did not know what a Life Coach did or why I felt all-of-the-sudden drawn or compelled to work with one, but I was and I followed the pull.  Working with my coach was such a helpful part of my journey.  He and I came together just as I required those nudges and reminders he provided. Continued below…

Are you having an AWAKENING experience?

Life After

I can tell you that now, many years later, my life is measured, pre or post awakening and that the life I live now is vastly more amazing, enjoyable and fulfilling. I am so grateful for the part of me inside that decided to wake up. I feel blessed, undeniably.

I intend to write more for this page. I’ll keep you posted. There is so much to talk about!

Below is something I wrote closer to the beginning of my journey:

If you are curious about awakening or the concept of enlightenment…it means that something has come alive in you.

When I first became curious…it was right after my father died.  I was on the computer sending emails or something and the word “enlightenment” just popped in my head.  It’s not like I hadn’t heard the word before…of course I had, but before that moment, for some reason…it had no meaning to me..other than the context of “The Age of Enlightenment”.  I then googled the term and came across all sorts of information, which led me to certain books, which led me to learn to meditate more, which led me to a whole new depth of life experience.  I cannot tell you how grateful I am that my life is now enriched with a deeper understanding of consciousness than I had ever known.  I am so grateful.  So very very grateful.

You may look at this site and read these pages and think: “I don’t get it”.  And my response to you…is that you are potentially at the beginning of “getting it”.  The mere fact that you are here reading, tells me that something has gotten you here.

My suggestion to you would be this: If you are curious, start doing your own research.  Search words like “awakening”, “enlightenment”, “consciousness”.  Look at books on the subject.  Everyones’ awakening experience is somewhat different.  Ask your inner self, your soul, or your heart what it means.  Ask God or the universe what it means.  Then be patient, the answer will come to you.  Be on the lookout for information.  There is an eastern proverb that says: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  Ask, believe, trust and receive.  Millions have asked these questions and have been led.  You too will be shown what your soul needs to see.

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