Career Clarity Intensive

Ready for Career Clarity?

Can you imagine waking up everyday excited about your work, your vocation? Knowing…from a deep place that how you are spending your precious life energy actually is congruent to your authentic self? It is absolutely possible! I have led hundreds of clients through this very exciting process! At the end, you will know…without a doubt…what your heart truly desires in regard to your work in this life.

What is career clarity? Through a series of questions and deep dives, we will uncover your heart’s deepest desire career-wise. If you are looking to live a heart-centered or purpose driven career life, this session will get you on that track. It is an amalgamation of many different indicators, such as strengths, talents, skills and more. What sets this experience apart from most career assessments is the included components of desire, intuition and energy or passion.

Many clients who sign up for Life Coaching include Career Clarity as one of their desired results from our work together. However, I do offer Career Clarity Personal Intensives for those whose main interest is creating a clear career path solely.

The session runs approximately 3 hours (depending on the client) and can be done in one sit-down session or broken into two 90 minute sessions.  The knowledge of self gleaned from this exercise is a powerful puzzle piece for those seeking to live their most authentic and fulfilling life.

Career Clarity can be folded into a monthly package or can be a stand-alone process. The Intensive runs $499.00 for phone sessions and $699 for in-person sessions.

Email for details.

What one of my clients said about the Intensive: “I mostly work with her on general life issues, but one of the many sessions we’ve done together is Career Clarity. During this session I was finally able to recognize what career path I wanted to take. It took me 35 years to find out what I want to do when I grow up,  but at least I made it 🙂 Thank you Hope!”  Sarah R., Austin, TX

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