How it works

If a client is committed to changing their life, Life Coaching is one of the fastest routes to making that a reality.  – Coach Hope

The big question I get is “How does this work”? 

It’s simple really. The power of the coaching process isn’t just within our one-on-one sessions, it’s also about the work that the client does between sessions. For the coaching relationship to be its most effective, clients purchase packages of four sessions at a time, to be used within 6 weeks, preferably weekly during one month.

Most coaching partnerships last about 2-4 months. That is the big difference in coaching; we get in, work on specific agenda items, get you ready to go and then you go LIVE IT!


I currently offer two packages; phone and in-person. Email today to set up your free coaching consult to see if you’re a good candidate for coaching!

Package Components:

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions
  • Daily inspirational and motivational emails
  • Reading recommendations
  • Home work, Play work or Personal Discovery work
  • Unlimited email support

About Coaching with Coach Hope

Part of what I do is coach and part of what I do is to share amazing and life -changing knowledge. Here is a short list of some of the concepts that we may work with:

– Personal Empowerment

– The power of positivity

– Raising your consciousness

– Training one’s mind to create new, positive habits of thinking

– Clearing away the old beliefs that hold us back

– Creating potent visualizations and intentions

– Increasing the trajectory of one’s energy and focus

– Learning to let go and live in the flow

– Connecting with our souls, connecting with self

– Increasing intuition

– Working with the Law of Attraction

and much more!

What will I experience? 

I have seen clients move from unhappy to sublime by shifting their thinking. During the course of our sessions together, they begin to let go of their limited thinking (about themselves and the world) and open themselves up to the endless possibilities that exist. Their bodies relax and they begin to live more in the flow of life with less stress and more success! Some clients come to work with me because – 

  • they are looking for someone to hold them accountable
  • to reinforce new teachings they are interested in
  • they want to get their lives “on track”
  • Some come because they are at the beginning of their spiritual journey and would like guidance

The guidance I share is not to teach you to believe what I believe but to help you dig inside and to find your own beliefs! I will share my thoughts along the way but the journey is really your own. That is what a good coach does, empowers her clients to become their own coach!

Start Today!

I’d love to chat with you about what’s going on in your life! Email me at and let’s set up your free 30 minute consultation.

Shine your light my friend! You’re right on time!

Life Coach Hope

Life Coach , Austin, TX





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