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  • Is this your workplace?
    Is this your workplace?

    Is your team “all over the place”?

  • Are a few negative people souring the atmosphere?

  • Does stress run high in your organization?

  • Is your organization’s culture toxic?

  • Do you spend more time putting out fires than moving ahead?

  • Do you or others dread going to work?

  • Are your star performers suffering?

  • Are you loosing your most valuable people due to your work environment?

The great thing about all these “issues” is that they are human issues which means, they can be shifted, changed and improved!

What makes a stellar team?

  1. Happy and satisfied employees who are encouraged to use their unique and personal strengths on the job.

  2. Employees who are given freedom and are trusted to do their jobs.

  3. Employees who are recognized (often) and appreciated for their efforts.

  4. An absence of micromanagement.

  5. An absence of political infighting.

  6. A clear mission that is easy for everyone to understand and get excited about.

  7. A safe environment for employees to to be heard.

  8. A respect for personal time and life/work balance.

  9. Opportunities for advancement.

  10. A positive and productive TOP DOWN organizational culture.

If higher ups have toxic beliefs and behaviors, they will always filter down.

Are you ready to get your team healthier, emotionally and mentally? Do you want to inspire your people to show up with a positive mindset and put their best effort forth everyday?


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Of course, every organization is different. I would love to meet/talk with you to discuss your group’s needs. Let’s do this! Things can get better or things can get worse. Intervention time is ALWAYS NOW!

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