You Have Permission

  • You have full permission to create the life you desire.
  • You have full permission to be yourself. No, really…BE YOURSELF!
  • You have full permission to listen to your own wants and needs. (And honor them)
  • You have full permission to take care of yourself first.
  • You have full permission to draw boundaries
    in your life. Not only is this okay, it’s hugely beneficial.
  • You have full permission to choose your friends.
  • You have full permission to leave friends that are bad for you or that you don’t like.
  • You have full permission to love yourself.
  • You have full permission to turn toward your dreams.
  • You have full permission to NOT clean your plate.
  • You have full permission to become whoever you want.
  • You have full permission to make your life WHATEVER you want it to be.
  • You have full permission to NOT listen to everyone else.
  • You have full permission to take responsibility for your actions, feelings and behaviors.
  • You have full permission to try for something that feels better.
  • You have full permission to look for a better job.
  • You have full permission to succeed.
  • You have full permission to fail.
  • You have full permission to believe whatever you want to believe.
  • You have full permission to have your own worldview.
  • You have full permission to be who you are.
  • You have full permission to honor your heart and soul.
  • You have full permission to say “Yes”.
  • You have FULL permission…whenever you want….to say “NO”.
  • You have full permission to choose any course you want.
  • You have full permission to color outside the lines.
  • You have full permission to leave your past behind.
  • You have full permission to create.
  • You have full permission to stand up for yourself.
  • You have full permission to be patient with yourself.
  • You have full permission to speak your truth.
  • You have full permission to give yourself permission.

Life Coach and Speaker, Austin, TX and around the world!


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Recent Golden Keys from Coach Hope

Observing Self

One of the greatest skills we can learn in this life is the ability to observe ourselves. Without this skill, we think we are our thoughts, we think we are our emotions, we think we are our reactions and completely at the mercy of them. 

But our soul, our light of consciousness/awareness is so amazing in that it can help us step back and see the whole human. For example, I can step back and look at the “Hope personality” and the “Hope story” and understand why, if left unchecked I or she rather might react certain ways. Who is this part of me that allows me look at myself this way? It is the observer or witness and it, like a muscle of the body can be strengthened. This is the part of me and you that can choose to react in different ways. This is the part that can say…hey, that didn’t work so, let’s do something else. This is the part of you that can change EVERYTHING!

Take some time today to imagine stepping outside yourself and looking back at yourself. See yourself objectively (as objectively as you can). Try it! It’s an awesome trip!


It is impossible to be a happy person AND think predominately negative thoughts.

Whose beliefs do you believe

We do not have to accept that which was downloaded to us by default by our families of origin or the culture we came from.  We can create our own more positive and helpful beliefs about anything and everything.  For whatever we have created as a belief inside us, our minds work hard to prove as true.  So…you can see how important our beliefs are!!! Let’s intentionally choose good ones!

Raise Your Consciousness Tip

Be Congruent! Being congruent is speaking our truth.  It means saying what we mean and meaning what we say. It is sharing who we really are inside and not who we think we “should” be. It is learning to show up fully for ourselves and those in our world.

Be Free

Free yourself and follow your heart even if for just a moment.

The power of your life

Let your life be a blessing to others. Never underestimate your influence. 

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Know How to Empower Yourself – Steps You Can Take Now!

  • Much love from Coach Hope!

    Be conscious of what you are feeding your mind. “You are what you eat” is also true for the mind: “You are what you think” AND “Junk in, Junk Out”.  This means being aware of what you are “inputting”, such as drama, loudness, violence, sadness, etc.  For a week, pay attention to what you listen to, watch, engage in…and notice if it colors your view and affects your moods. This is especially important if you are highly sensitive or “empathic” to the emotions and woes of the world.

  • Look at how you use your mind. Do you spend hours entertaining negative and fearful thoughts…inside your head and with others? How is this affecting your internal experience, your emotional state? Recognize you have a choice as to what you put into your mind and what you do with your mind.

  • Find a mental relaxation that works for you.  The point of mental relaxation is to help the mind experience a period of time that is “slower” than the rest of the day.  When we focus on something- draw, create, pray, listen to relaxing music or meditate, our brain waves slow down. Slowing down brain waves, decreases the mental chatter, allowing for a more peaceful mind. A little practice every day allows you to experience the differences between a chattering mind and a more peaceful mind and helps you recognize that you have a choice. There are dozens of types of meditation, so if one hasn’t worked, keep looking. Simply sitting and breathing is actually a type of meditation. Here are some that I teach: quiet, sound, walking, visualization and focused.

  • Start saying nice things to yourself.  Studies have shown that it takes eight positive comments to overcome one negative one.  The mind attaches to the negative comments because they often cause hurt which is an emotional response that creates a chemical reaction.  It’s part of our hard-wiring from early on.  Remember however, it’s one thing to deal with negative comments from outside (which we cannot always control), it’s another to have our own negative loop about ourselves in our own heads.  Affirmations can work wonders in this area.  Don’t worry if you don’t believe them just yet…it’s part of building a positive and empowering belief inside you ABOUT yourself. Nothing outside you will ever help you feel as good as loving and accepting yourself. This only begins by ceasing the negative things you say to yourself.

Interested in learning how to release yourself from your negative thought loops forever? I coach individuals through a process that does just that.  Contact me directly at to learn more. I live in Austin and offer personal coaching  via phone/in person and deliver group workshops for personal empowerment. Shine  your light! – Hope

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The Importance of Your Self Talk

What do you say to yourself?

Self talk is one of the most impactful things we do all day. Are you aware
of what you’re saying to yourself? Is it good? Is is bad? Remember: it shapes your reality and the filter you see the world through. Start paying attention to what you say to yourself!

Since it takes EIGHT positive comments to overcome one negative one, internal OR external, affirmations are great tools to overcome and overwhelm the negative. You might think they are goofy but they are one of the QUICKEST ways to change your brain’s default self talk program. Need a personalized affirmation? Email me and I’ll help you create a powerful one!

Quote from the ‘Affirmations for Radical Success‘ Website :

“The subconscious mind is an odd entity. It is odd for the simple reason that it will accept anything we tell it as true. It is powerful because once it has accepted a statement as true it will put it’s formidable powers to work to make sure that our reality lines up with that ‘truth’.”

So…since we get to choose what our head says back to us….what would you like yours to say?


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Personal Freedom Through Feeling and Releasing Emotions

Is this you?

Employers lose $200 billion a year due to stress-related ailments and 75-90 percent of employee visits to hospitals are stress-related, according to the National Institute of Health.  What amazing statistics!

Why we are not attacking stress with the same vigor with which we have attacked drug addiction or drunk driving, I know not. After all, stress is one of the Continue reading Personal Freedom Through Feeling and Releasing Emotions

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Dancing with Bullies

Bully Energy

School bullies have been all over the media lately. It’s a sad truth for today’s youth. Equally unfortunate is the truth that most adults are privy to… bullies exist in healthy numbers well beyond the high school years. Below are some thoughts on dealing with bullies from an energetic standpoint.  Continue reading Dancing with Bullies

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Messages From Your Environment

The state of that which surrounds us…is within us…

Does your work area look or feel like this?

Look around you, really look around.  Is your environment organized?  Are you wearing your favorite clothes or your power clothes?  Are they clean?  Are you feeling physically and emotionally fit and in charge of your life?  If not, look at Continue reading Messages From Your Environment

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