Know How to Empower Yourself – Steps You Can Take Now!

  • Much love from Coach Hope!

    Be conscious of what you are feeding your mind. “You are what you eat” is also true for the mind: “You are what you think” AND “Junk in, Junk Out”.  This means being aware of what you are “inputting”, such as drama, loudness, violence, sadness, etc.  For a week, pay attention to what you listen to, watch, engage in…and notice if it colors your view and affects your moods. This is especially important if you are highly sensitive or “empathic” to the emotions and woes of the world.

  • Look at how you use your mind. Do you spend hours entertaining negative and fearful thoughts…inside your head and with others? How is this affecting your internal experience, your emotional state? Recognize you have a choice as to what you put into your mind and what you do with your mind.

  • Find a mental relaxation that works for you.  The point of mental relaxation is to help the mind experience a period of time that is “slower” than the rest of the day.  When we focus on something- draw, create, pray, listen to relaxing music or meditate, our brain waves slow down. Slowing down brain waves, decreases the mental chatter, allowing for a more peaceful mind. A little practice every day allows you to experience the differences between a chattering mind and a more peaceful mind and helps you recognize that you have a choice. There are dozens of types of meditation, so if one hasn’t worked, keep looking. Simply sitting and breathing is actually a type of meditation. Here are some that I teach: quiet, sound, walking, visualization and focused.

  • Start saying nice things to yourself.  Studies have shown that it takes eight positive comments to overcome one negative one.  The mind attaches to the negative comments because they often cause hurt which is an emotional response that creates a chemical reaction.  It’s part of our hard-wiring from early on.  Remember however, it’s one thing to deal with negative comments from outside (which we cannot always control), it’s another to have our own negative loop about ourselves in our own heads.  Affirmations can work wonders in this area.  Don’t worry if you don’t believe them just yet…it’s part of building a positive and empowering belief inside you ABOUT yourself. Nothing outside you will ever help you feel as good as loving and accepting yourself. This only begins by ceasing the negative things you say to yourself.

Interested in learning how to release yourself from your negative thought loops forever? I coach individuals through a process that does just that.  Contact me directly at to learn more. I live in Austin and offer personal coaching  via phone/in person and deliver group workshops for personal empowerment. Shine  your light! – Hope